LED Light Boxes

LED Light Box Displays

led light box display

LED Light Box Displays

Illuminated graphics grab the attention of passerbyes and are a highly effective marketing tool for businesses. Often found in shopping malls and cinemas, illuminated posters and signs have been proven to increase customer footfall and sales.

LED light boxes can be free standing or wall mounted and are easy to move, enabling them to portray multiple messages in a variety of settings. They are also very flexible and take up little space.


LED light boxes are an excellent way to draw attention to your display in a busy retail space. They use light from within to illuminate your custom graphics, printed on stretch fabric and encased in an aluminium frame. These displays are also ideal for trade shows and exhibition centers because they allow you to highlight your products and services. In addition, they work well to capture your target audience’s attention and increase brand awareness.

In addition to being eye-catching, LED light boxes are easy to use. Many have a snap-open frame design that allows you to change your backlit graphic easily without removing the light box from its wall. This feature is especially useful if you need to update your graphics frequently, such as for seasonal promotions or new product launches.

You can also find some models that have a double-sided frame, which makes them more versatile. These illuminated display frames can be placed outside to catch the attention of passersby, even after the sun goes down. They can help you boost your business by attracting people in the evening and making your posters stand out. The best part is that led light box display these displays are durable and will keep your graphics in great condition. They can also be customized for your specific needs. Choose the size and shape of the frame that you want, then order a custom-printed poster or other type of graphics to fit the frame.


Light box displays are a great way to increase visibility and capture customers’ attention. They are an excellent way to promote your products or services and are proven to be effective at increasing sales by up to 30%. They are a great option for indoor and outdoor use and come in different designs. They are also durable enough to stand up to harsh weather conditions.

The frame of a lightbox display is made out of aluminum, which is available in varying hardness and durability. A quality frame will be made out of aluminum with a 6063 specification, which is stronger than softer aluminum and will resist tarnishing and scratching. When shopping for a lightbox, be sure to ask the manufacturer how they make their frames and what kind of coating they use on them.

If you are looking for a durable and lightweight lightbox display, consider purchasing an acrylic LED one. This type of display will be able to illuminate and highlight your custom printed poster. It is a great option for home or office display and is suitable for advertising at trade shows or in offices.

Another advantage of LED light boxes is that they are easy to maintain. Regular cleaning of the display will help to keep it bright and attractive. To clean a light box display, disconnect the power source and remove the graphic panel or screen. Then, use a brush or soft cloth to gently wipe away dust particles from the LED lights. You can also use compressed air to blow off any dust accumulation.

Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re a retail outlet, exhibition center or shopping mall, you can lure in passersby with an LED light box display. They are designed to be eye-catching, with a sleek design that accentuates your brand. These displays are also more energy efficient than traditional signage, requiring less power to illuminate graphics and messaging.

They are created using a frame, a graphic that can permeate light such as duratrans or fabric, and LED lights all housed within the framework. Unlike backlit displays that require bulbs to illuminate the image, these light boxes are powered by LED lights that have an excellent luminous flux to power consumption ratio. These lights are also durable and easy to clean, making them a good choice for high-traffic locations.

Lightboxes are commonly used in exhibitions to ensure that the artwork designs are properly illuminated and to create a visual impact that non-lit displays cannot achieve in poorly lit areas. They are also ideal for use at retail outlets and can increase sales through direct or subliminal promotional messages.

Lightboxes can be wall-mounted or freestanding and are available in a variety led light box display of shapes and sizes. They can be customised with single or double-sided stretch fabric graphics that are easily installed into the channelling of the aluminium frame’s interior. These graphics can be easily replaced without the need for tools or adhesives.


A light box display is a great way to promote your business and increase brand awareness. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be wall mounted or made to stand. They come with backlit LED technology that makes the graphics look bright and attractive. This type of lighting also uses minimal power, allowing you to use them for longer periods of time. These displays are ideal for retail stores and malls.

These eye-catching illuminated displays enthrall consumers and foster intrigue to fuel foot traffic, brand reach and revenue. In a world of information overload, backlit displays grab attention, delivering your message at the exact moment when consumers are making their purchase decisions.

LED light boxes are designed to withstand the elements, so they can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The lightweight aluminum frames snap open and closed without tools for fast print changes. The LED bulbs are programmable, so you can create dynamic lighting effects that engage your customers. They also consume less energy than traditional fluorescent bulbs and last up to five times longer. This will help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money on electricity costs. In addition, the LED light boxes can be positioned in front of a window or behind a storefront, which allows them to maximize visibility.